NeoBolt: India’s first indigenous Motorised Wheelchair Vehicle

Editor1 Sep 18 2021 Current Affairs

IIT Madras has developed India’s first indigenous motorized wheelchair vehicle named ‘NeoBolt’, which can be used not only on roads but also on uneven terrains. It has a maximum speed of 25 kmph. The researchers collaborated extensively with organisations and hospitals working for people with locomotor disabilities and built the products after reflecting on as well as factoring in their experiences, and making constant design adjustments.

About the ‘NeoBolt’:

  1. IIT Madras said the wheelchair will be available to users at an approximate price of Rs 55,000.
  2. The motor-powered attachment, NeoBolt, converts the wheelchair into a safe, road-worthy vehicle that can navigate any kind of terrain that we may normally encounter — drive through unpaved streets or climb a steep gradient. The movement will be comfortable as it has suspensions to absorb the shocks.
  3. It is powered by a Lithium-Ion Battery and can travel up to 25 km per charge. It empowers wheelchair users with a convenient, safe and low-cost mode of outdoor mobility when compared to cars, auto-rickshaws or modified scooters.

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