Mission and Vision


Our books guarantee the authenticity of information. For many years we have been delivering good quality text books that make a difference with other books.


We aim to be decent and imaginative in everything and always have a longstanding commitment to high standards quality.


We want that the student who purchased our books have multiple ways to access the best education and information and we work hard to achieve that aim.


We always try to give the best possible shape to the books by means of employing the best and most creative minds.

Duties / Responsibilities

We aim to make a difference by promoting literacy, learning and great teaching. Our responsibility is to deliver the most guaranteed exam-oriented study materials and help the students to secure their future.

Effective Teaching

We always believe that we have a sound responsibility to play a part in helping to improve life opportunities for students. We continue to work to connect our books to provide integrated learning platforms that make teaching more efficient.


We always employ innovative techniques to make our publication rather suggestive and student-friendly.


The objective and descriptive content incorporated in our publications on variegated subjects has always been a complete guide to the students. Our publication-content has been recognized as the best available study material for competitors.


Our books can be available throughout the state in any book corner, providing the best stuff and up to date knowledge to its increasing list of appreciated readers.


GSCE Publications has become synonyms with professionalism and excellence in the field of competitive world. We are both friend and guide to the youth and make a way for the swift progress of every competitor.